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Packaging material with full texture of precision injection mold

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-07-31

When selecting the specifications of precision injection molds, first consider the production of precision injection molds, because the same precision injection mold equipment often needs to meet the production of multiple molds of different sizes. The precision injection molding should be determined according to the weight of the part and the size of the mold. The specifications of the mold, that is, the large clamping force and large injection volume of the injection molding machine, and then choose the appropriate model according to the specifications provided by the precision injection mold equipment. Most manufacturers provide customized services, which provide great convenience for the purchase of precision injection molds; secondly, you must consider whether you need some special configurations, such as the use of special screws and molding belts when producing PA, PC and other materials. When there are core-pulling or thread-off molds, corresponding devices need to be equipped; again, according to factors such as mold structure, product quality, etc., determine whether you need to choose some injection molding machines with special functions, such as forming thin-walled long-flowing products ( Generally refers to L/D 300), high injection speed injection molding machine should be used, and precision electronic parts should be precision full closed-loop control injection molding machine, etc.

On the whole, in the entire plastic packaging market in the past few years, precision injection mold products are packaging materials, such as boxes or cups, which are on the rise and gradually replace thermoformed packaging materials. From this point of view, the following trends can be inferred: Higher material costs and additional emission fees encourage people to use light-weight packaging materials. The requirements for the performance of packaging materials are getting higher and higher. Due to the globalization of packaging material processing and sales, the output of packaging materials has increased rapidly. As a result, multi-layer cavity molds have been widely used. This development not only has an impact on production, but also affects the product itself. Although the improvement of productivity and the reduction of product weight have always been the priority factors, there will still be other problems. The use of precision injection mold product packaging has good economic benefits.

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