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What causes affect the cooling rate of two color die

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-07-31

What affects the cooling rate of two-color molds

How to determine the cooling time in the two-color mold injection molding process not only affects the quality of the product, but also affects the output and the cost of the product. Transfer the necessary heat from the plastic melt injected into the mold cavity to turn it from the melt into a solid, so that it can be taken out of the mold without being deformed. Therefore, the correct estimation of the cooling time has become the main process parameter that should be determined first in the injection molding process. What are the reasons that affect the cooling rate of the two-color mold? First, the mold material and its cooling method. Speaking of mold materials, including mold core, cavity materials and mold base materials have a great influence on the cooling rate. The higher the thermal conductivity of the two-color mold material, the better the effect of transferring heat from the plastic per unit time, and the shorter the cooling time. 2. Design of plastic products. Mainly the wall thickness of plastic products. The greater the thickness of the two-color mold product, the longer the cooling time. 3. Plastic selection. This refers to the measurement of the speed at which plastic conducts heat from a hot place to a cold place. The higher the thermal conductivity of the plastic, the better the heat conduction effect, or the lower the specific heat of the plastic, the temperature is prone to change, so the heat is easily dissipated, the heat conduction effect is better, and the required cooling time is shorter. Fourth, the cooling water pipe configuration method. The closer the cooling water pipe is to the mold cavity, the larger the pipe diameter and the larger the number, the better the cooling effect, the shorter the cooling time and the cooling liquid flow rate. The larger the cooling water flow, the better the cooling water will take away heat by convection. 5. The nature of the coolant. The viscosity and thermal conductivity of the coolant will also affect the thermal conductivity of the two-color mold injection. The lower the viscosity of the coolant, the higher the thermal conductivity, and the lower the temperature, the better the cooling effect.

What are the technological advantages of two-color injection molding

Due to people’s pursuit of product appearance and increased market demand, two-color products are becoming more and more popular among merchants, and the two-color mold injection molding process is also well-known by more people. However, many people believe that there are advantages to the two-color injection molding process. It's not very clear. Today I will give you a specific explanation. Compared with the traditional injection molding technology, the advantages of the two-color injection molding process are: 1. From the perspective of environmental protection, the core material of the two-color mold product can use recycled secondary materials.
2. The core material of the two-color injection mold can use low-viscosity materials to reduce the injection pressure.
3. Two-color injection molds use lower quality core materials to reduce costs.
4. According to different usage characteristics, such as thick finished skin material using soft material, core material using hard material or core material can use foamed plastic to reduce weight.
5. The combination of the skin material and the core material of the two-color mold can reduce the residual stress of the molded product, improve the mechanical strength or the surface properties of the product.
6. The skin material or core material can be expensive and have special surface properties, such as anti-electromagnetic wave interference, high conductivity and other materials to improve product performance.
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