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Corporate Brand
Win-win and symbiosis, serve the society
Consumers: Pursue perfection, innovate continuously, and create higher consumer value
Distributors: mutual trust and mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, to achieve a distributor is to achieve oneself
Employees: People-oriented, maximize the value of the production team
Company: We are just waiters for everyone
Suppliers: Depend on each other, honor and disgrace, and suppliers are our business partners
Society: Create value for society and make life more exciting

Core value price
The core value is the key to win the recognition of customers. It is the direction that the people of Hewei have always insisted and worked hard. It embodies the wisdom and sweat of all Hewei people.

Innovation allows us to lead the industry
Innovation is the core soul supporting Hewei. Hewei advocates seeking development through innovation and is committed to becoming a benchmark for industry innovation.

The value of the brand is professional, innovative and leading
Professional: Focus on mobile smart products and peripheral accessories, with no distractions, just to do better.
Innovation: a hot enterprise for development and innovation, a target for peer follow-up and imitation
Leading: industry-leading research and development capabilities, industry-leading design capabilities, industry-leading quality and cost control system

Strong R&D productivity
Shenzhen Hewei Precision Mold Co., Ltd. has a strong technical force, and the R&D department is composed of a professional, pragmatic and innovative team. At present, there are more than 20 technical developers, all of whom have years of practical development experience in mobile phones and peripheral accessories. Technology research and development can carry out independent development in mobile smart products and peripheral hardware, software, structure, multimedia and smart accessories. It has an independent laboratory and is equipped with foreign advanced technical testing equipment. The R&D department now uses 3G communication technology and smart accessory technology to focus on the development of consumer electronic products such as mobile power supplies and mobile hard disks, providing more effective power supply life solutions for various electronic products, allowing consumers to enjoy electronic products without worry Bring the joy of life and feel the happiness of the 3G era.


Excellent management ability
Hewei has a professional, pragmatic and experienced team in management. The management team is mainly composed of two types of personnel: the first type starts from the first-line sales personnel in the market, after years of tempering, step by step into the management position, with very solid practical experience, the other type is at home and abroad Super-large digital companies such as Motorola, BBK, and BYD serve as senior managers, and seniors with more than ten years of industry experience.

First-class design standards
First-class design level Hewei has its own independent design team, first-class design ability, and cooperates with many well-known design companies. The design is novel, fashionable, avant-garde, safe and reliable.

Efficient quality cost assurance
Hewei has always been pursuing the concept of "high cost performance". It is the first company in China to introduce quality cost management, and it is also one of the few digital accessories benchmark companies that have introduced this type of control.

Iphone4/4s Apple Peel Perfect Three Cards Three Standby
The first dual-card slot design to truly realize the synchronization of three cards, the first dual-battery design, strong endurance, and unimpeded play, the first two-color frame design to replace the stylish light and thin. Go to Weibo, listen to music, watch movies, play games, talk on the phone, and have multiple numbers; wonderful moments are presented.
The latest technology: the latest technology of Apple skin, which comprehensively solves the defects of past Apple skins. The phone skin marks the true maturity of Apple's technology; Unique value: phone leather = iphone protective case + front clip battery + 2 iphones
Perfect breakthrough: Let your iPhone change from 1 to 3, perfect realization of the iPhone’s three-card three-standby. New technology makes the card in the iPhone skin almost the same as the card in the iPhone, and the Apple skin makes you no longer need it Cut the card.
Super battery life: Let your iphone standby and entertainment time more than doubled
Personalized fashion: Special models, make your iphone more personalized and beautiful.

Seven advantages
Automatic identification: It can automatically identify and charge when connected to the mobile phone, without other tedious operations;
Multiple protection: overcharge, overdischarge, temperature, short circuit, multiple circuit protection design, perfect protection;
Perfect compatibility: iphone, smart phone, tablet PC, PSP, MP4, digital products;
Simple to use: professional fool-proof technology / can be charged by changing the connector
Repeated use: more than 500 cycles of charging life;
Simultaneous charging and discharging: unique protection technology, which can be charged/discharged at the same time without affecting/damaging the product;
Charging kit: a collection of multiple charging adapters can be applied to all kinds of fashionable digital products.


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