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Standardized production requirements of injection mould and terminology of parts

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-07-31

1. For mold blanks smaller than 2020, prying pits are required between the a and b plates. For mold blanks larger than 2020, prying pits are required for all templates including thimble plates.

2. The mold base guide post and guide sleeve should be processed with exhaust grooves to prevent the guide post and guide sleeve from straining.

3. There should be no sharp corners on the mold, and chamfering is required, except for specially specified places.

4. The inner mold and mold parts shall not be welded without consent.

5. Exhaust grooves must be opened on the periphery of the mold product. For the specifications of the exhaust groove, please refer to the mold design manual.

6. Avoid using a grinder to polish the mold as much as possible. If you must use a grinder to process, you must use oilstone to save light (especially the parting surface).

7. The surface treatment of the inner mold rubber surface must be implemented in accordance with the bom table or other officially notified technical requirements. The processing lines on the non-adhesive surface (wire cutting, milling machine, cnc gong machine, spark machine) should also use oil stone province bright.

8. All inner mold materials and mold blank grade requirements must be purchased according to the order or the technical requirements formally confirmed during the design review of the injection mold. Material certification must be provided. If it is a hard mold, a heat treatment report and all related certifications must be provided.

9. The front and rear inner molds, inserts, row positions, inclined tops, straight tops (push blocks), shoveling chickens, etc. of all molds need to be processed with a waist circular pit on the bottom or side to engrave the material name and hardness.

10. Important wearable parts such as row position, push block, shovel chicken, and mouth must be nitrided and hardened.

11. The row position must have positioning. The positioning methods include slingshot, wave beads, hasco (dme) standard row clamps, etc., according to the requirements of each project, the row position needs to have bead, wear plate, bead, wear plate Wear-resistant hard materials must be used, and oil tanks must be added.

12. The oblique guide post must be pressed tightly and cannot be rotated or loosened. The tail of the oblique guide post must be processed into a hemispherical or truncated cone shape, which is beneficial to ensure the normal movement of the row. There are two or more obliques in the same row. For the guide post, the length of the inclined guide post, the injection molding size and the inclination must be the same.

13. The inclined roof seat must be made of wear-resistant hard materials, and the inclined roof must be processed with oil grooves. The inclined roof seat is generally hardened to hrc40-45 degrees with 2510 or cr12. Because the inclined roof seat is subjected to impact load, it cannot be too hard or it will Fracture, and chamfer angle c at all right-angle positions, require inclined top guide plate (bronze), no welding.

Mold embryo class:

Pump (machine) mouth---gate bushing flange---fixed mold gate bushing locating ring, supporting pin---return pin, reset lever, garbage nail---thimble plate stop pin, cup head Screw---hexagon socket countersunk screw.

Mold category:

The front mold---also called a mold or fixed mold, the back mold---also called b mold or movable mold, the row position---slider, column---the core (or mold) set on the back mold benevolence).

Mechanical tools:

Gong machine---milling machine, gong-bed soil---milling machine vice, grinder---grinding machine for right-angle vise, key handle,---a kind of name for live pliers or open-end wrench.
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