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What requirements should be met in the selection of dual color die materials

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-07-31

In the process of material selection for double plastic molds, more selection criteria must be considered. Generally speaking, these different molds can be regarded as a more important link when they are fully processed. From the current situation, , When selecting two-color mold materials, it is necessary to ensure that these materials have certain properties. Otherwise, it is impossible to ensure that the final processed mold meets the quality requirements. Then in the process of comprehensive processing of two-color molds, what must be met? What properties? Wear resistance. In the process of comprehensive processing of the two-color mold, the wear resistance must be better highlighted, because when the entire mold is actually processed, it is necessary to ensure that the plastic in the mold cavity will be deformed during the actual processing. Flow along the entire surface of the processing mold, in this case they can quickly form the desired processing form of the mold in a short time, so that the surface and ingredients will also generate friction during processing, which will cause the two-color mold because Wear and fail, so the wear resistance of these materials is the most basic and most important performance. Hardness will have an important impact on the processing of two-color molds. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the parts of this mold, the smaller the amount of wear, the better the wear resistance is usually, so the wear resistance and The types of carbides in the material and the distribution of quantity and size are directly related. When the strong and tough two-color mold is actually processed and put into production use, the entire working process is basically very bad, that is to say, many of them are often subjected to large impact loads. In this case, brittle fracture may be caused. . In order to prevent the parts of the double-sided mold from appearing suddenly when it is working, basically the mold is required to have high strength and toughness during the processing process, and the toughness of the two-color mold mainly depends on the existing materials. The amount of carbon contained in the material also depends on the grain size and the state of organization in the material. In the process of comprehensive selection of the materials for the two-color mold with fatigue resistance, under the long-term effects of the cycle experience, there will definitely be some fractures. These fractures are caused by fatigue caused by long-term work. This form includes Exercises caused by multiple impacts of small energy, but also exercises caused by other methods. While the two-sided molds are exercising, these performances depend on any performance, so we have to consider some of the performance issues . The working temperature of the high-temperature performance two-color mold is relatively high. In this case, the hardness or strength will gradually decrease, and it will also cause early wear in the mold, or some deformation and failure. Therefore, the material of the two-sided mold is the most Fortunately, it has higher anti-tempering stability. In this way, it can ensure that the two-color mold has higher hardness and strength under the working environment. Corrosion resistance Two-color molds are in the process of comprehensive processing, because the product itself is to be used in various complex environments, so corrosion resistance is a performance that they must show, if we want to process it , Then we must observe the corrosion resistance of the entire product. Generally speaking, these corrosion resistance must be better displayed, only in this way can we meet our final actual use needs.

How to process two-color injection molds

Two-color injection molds are injection moldings of two plastic materials on the same two-color injection molding machine. It needs to be molded twice, but the product is only ejected once. The plastic mold is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special two-color injection molding machine. It is common that there are two colors on the same plastic product. Take the buttons on the old mobile phone as an example to give you the following explanations, so that everyone has a clearer understanding of two-color injection molding. You can also understand the "Mobile phone shell injection mold" mentioned before. The color of the phone's plastic buttons is black, and the numbers "1-9" in the middle are transparent. There are two specific implementation schemes: Scheme 1: Find a professional manufacturer to open a set of two-color molds and then use a two-color injection molding machine to inject. The mold is divided into two rear molds, two front molds (the structure of the two front molds are basically the same). The rear mold installation part of the injection molding machine is installed with two rear molds in parallel, and the front mold installation position of the injection molding machine is installed with two front molds. Then the two injection materials are respectively injected through the two injection nozzles (two barrels) in the two-color injection molding machine, and two dryers are used to cooperate. Two-color injection mold process: Step 1: After the first mold production, the number "5" of transparent material appears on the back mold. Step 2: After the mold is opened, the back mold is rotated 180 degrees. (That is, the positions of the two rear molds are reversed) Step 3: After the second mold clamping production, the black material is injected into the mold cavity, enclosing the number "5" Step 4: After the mold is opened, you can see that there are two types Color the buttons. Solution 2: Because the two-color injection molding machine is more expensive, many companies use another method. The mold needs to open two sets. The processing process is as follows: Step 1: First use a general injection molding machine to make the transparent product number "5". Step 2: Then put the transparent product "5" into another set of molds to inject black material. Although this product is also two-color after it comes out, it is called "twice molding" in the industry, but the efficiency is not high and the yield rate is low. It is not recommended that you use the second option to operate, because many professional two-color injection mold manufacturers can save production costs for enterprises through one-stop services.
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